Bed bug solutions

First: When you travel examine your room carefully

Second: Look for bed bugs

Third: Before you get home Treat your luggage

Fourth: If infestation is confirmed fumigation

Prior to fumigation

How To Leave the Bed Bugs Behind

A packing checklist for property owners temporarily leaving their dwelling to be fumigated.

  • Bring as few items as possible when leaving the residence for the fumigation.
    Remember, bed bugs hitchhiking in suitcases, back packs, boxes, clothing, bedding and pet cages is a common way for these insects to be introduced into buildings. Bed bugs have been found infesting small electronic devices, such as alarm clocks.
  • For all fabric items that will be taken out of the residence during the fumigation, wash in hot water and dry in high heat in a dryer (140F) before returning them to the fumigated residence. This includes clothing, blankets, pillows, stuffed
    toys and pet bedding.
  • Do not use boxes, suitcases, back packs, gym bags or any similar item from the infested residence to pack belongings. These items should remain in the residence to be fumigated. Pack belongings needed during the fumigation in light colored or clear plastic bags or plastic containers, such as sweater boxes or new luggage not previously stored in the infested residence.
  • Do not place washed or packed items on furniture (beds, sofas, dressers, tables, etc.) or flooring (carpets or rugs) that may be infested with bed bugs.
    Immediately remove packed items from the infested residence or place them on clean, hard surface (kitchen or bathroom floor, in a bath tub or shower) until they can be removed from the residence.
  • Mattresses completely enveloped in plastic covers that cannot be removed or opened, such as infant mattresses, cannot be fumigated. These mattresses must be removed prior to fumigation. If there is any evidence that such a mattress
    is infested with bed bugs or the individual sleeping on the mattress has been bitten by bed bugs, it is advised that a new mattress be purchased.
  • Pet cages and pet bedding should be fumigated. Pet cages with any small gaps, seams or hollow spaces that could harbor bed bugs should be left in the residence to be fumigated. Food in the cages should be removed prior to the fumigation. The pets should be transferred to new travel cages or housing known not to be infested with bed bugs to remove them from the residence prior to the fumigation. Pet bedding/blankets should not be removed from the residence before the fumigation unless they can be washed, dried and packed as described above.


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