ServicesAs you consider the benefits of protecting your health, property and the environment it's important to remember that not all service plans are alike. Impact offers the most comprehensive programs you can find. Not only are our treatments thorough and responsible, but each is also backed by our expertly trained employees. When examined as a whole no other company can compare to what Impact Pest Elimination offers.

When you see or suspect pests Impact can help. We appreciate the opportunity to listen and understand your concerns and provide a free site evaluation. With a focused commitment to meeting your needs we can share expert guidance and recommendations to assist you with the many complex issues you need to consider when choosing the best service plan for your home or business.

Today's pest control service solutions require convenient scheduling and an insect free living environment. We understand that you only want materials applied where and when necessary that effectively targets cockroaches, ants, silverfish and common household pests. At Impact we design pest elimination protocols that will protect you while meeting your service, safety and budgetary needs.

Also guest speakers are available for homeowner associations, schools, builders, realtors, groups, industries, etc. Our presentations can include pesticides in the environment,going green and insects, such as bed bugs, Africanized honey bees and termites to name a few. Please call today to schedule a presentation for your group.

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April - Honey Bees

April - Honey Bees

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