• Responsible and Effective Solutions

    Here at Impact, we recognize your desire to control and eliminate insect infestations while protecting your families health, property, and the environment.

  • Termite Control

    Termites are tiny, but they can cause terrible destruction to your home. They live in colonies and reproduce quickly. Find out how Impact can help you eliminate termites.

  • Protect Your Investments

    Commercial Pest Control is very different from home services. In commercial facilities, there are a host of various factors that have to be considered even before a treatment plan is developed.

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Pest Control Services In Florida

Pest Control

Impact will design the best pest elimination protocols that will protect your home & business while meeting your service, safety and budgetary needs.

Sentricon System

The first and most successful termite baiting system is a unique cellulose matrix inserted into strategically placed, in-ground bait stations.

Termite Services

When you choose Impact for termite protection or remediation, you can rest assured that our staff has researched and selected only materials with proven results.

Impact Pest Elimination

Protecting Health & Property Since 1985

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Impact Pest Elimination, a Florida corporation, was established to provide a valuable service protecting the health and property of Florida residents. Impact’s pest elimination services give full consideration to the responsible use of products. Control measures such as inspection, identification of pest harborage sites and monitoring of pest populations make it possible for Impact to apply materials only when and where they are necessary.

  • Licensed & Certified Technicians

    Impact chooses products designed to affect only the target pests to be eliminated. Even in the case of severe infestations, products are never utilized in a manner that would have an adverse affect on humans, pets, or the environment. Such innovative, state of the art technology allows Impact to offer dependable General Household Pest and Rodent Control, precise Subterranean Termite Control and Prevention, no nonsense Drywood Termite Control and Prevention, enhanced Turf and Ornamental Care, and bona fide Inspection Services at competitive prices.

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