Mission Statement

Impact Pest Elimination, a Florida corporation, was established to provide a valuable service protecting the health and property of Florida residents.

Impact’s pest elimination services give full consideration to the responsible use of products. Control measures such as inspection, identification of pest harborage sites and monitoring of pest populations make it possible for Impact to apply materials only when and where they are necessary.

Impact chooses products designed to affect only the target pests to be eliminated. Even in the case of severe infestations, products are never utilized in a manner that would have an adverse affect on humans, pets, or the environment.

Such innovative, state of the art technology allows Impact to offer dependable General Household Pest and Rodent Control, precise Subterranean Termite Control and Prevention, no nonsense Drywood Termite Control and Prevention, enhanced Turf and Ornamental Care, and bona fide Inspection Services at competitive prices.