Ants may just seem to be unwelcome guests at picnics or tiny specks on the sidewalk, but they can wreak havoc if they are in the wrong space at the wrong time. Ant populations can quickly grow, creating dangerous infestations in your home or business.

Ants as Pests

Surprisingly, there are a wide variety of ants that live around the world both indoors and outdoors. In fact, there are approximately 700 species of ants in the United States alone. These insects can become particularly troublesome because they reproduce quickly and build large nests for their colonies. Much like bees, each colony is ruled by the queen ant who is capable of laying over 700 eggs every day and who can produce millions of new ants in her lifetime.

Because of the numerous varieties of ants, it can be difficult to identify the exact one causing a problem for you. However, ants produce pheromones to create trails for others in their ant family to follow. Therefore, when you see a trail of ants, you can usually follow it to their home.

Ant Problems for Homes and Businesses

Because ants reproduce so quickly and are notoriously difficult to rid a home, yard or business of, they are particularly troublesome pests. They move quickly, are finely attuned to scents and love to find ready supplies of food and water. This is why they so often end up in homes and businesses. Once the first ant or two have arrived, others will quickly follow, traveling along the pre-mapped trail.

Unlike some other pests, ants can be a problem all year long, especially in Florida. They love the more temperate indoor temperatures and often live around concrete foundations and slabs or around wooden structures, such as window and door frames or kitchen cabinets.

Some of the most common types of ants found in Florida include carpenter, ghost and pharaoh ants. Carpenter ants are well-known for their attraction to nest in wood, and if left untreated can produce structural damage in your home. Both ghost ants and pharaoh ants are attracted to sweet foods and can frequently be found in kitchens. Pharaoh ants also spread certain infections to humans. In addition, Florida is home to particularly nasty fire ants, which can create itchy bites and even life-threatening allergic reactions in humans.

Impact Pest Elimination Can Help You Solve Your Ant Problems

Ants are not only irritating to humans but also dangerous as they can spread diseases and create dangerous allergic reactions. Whether you are dealing with an overwhelming number of ants in your lawn and on your patio or you have started seeing some ants following a trail into your kitchen or basement, Impact Pest Elimination is here to help.

Because ant colonies are so large and revolve around a queen, it can become quite a headache for home and business owners to eradicate ant problems on their own. While DIY treatments may briefly work, they do not address the entire colony, and they may be unsafe to use around pets and small children. At Impact Pest Elimination, we focus on addressing the root of your ant problem while also using responsible and environmentally conscious treatments. Be sure to call us today to get your free quote for residential or commercial ant control.

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