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3 Things to Know About Controlling Turf Pests

Your lawn says a lot about your home. A clean, well-maintained lawn is the envy of the neighborhood and an inviting visual from the curbside. When brown patches and bald spots show up, your grass turns from inviting to drab and unappealing. It's important to treat the problem right away to prevent the damage from spreading throughout your property.

3 Things to Do When Treating Turf Pests

Inspect the damage.

Do you have patches of dead, brown grass? Is the grass completely gone in some spots, leaving only dirt behind? Are the grass blades yellowing or spotted? You'll have to inspect the damage thoroughly to understand what you're up against. Certain pests cause specific damage. If you're unsure how to identify the problem, it's a good idea to talk with a professional pest control technician for some advice.

Identify the pests.

Some pests attack your lawn from below the ground while others eat away at the grass from above. You might find holes in the dirt, which is a sign of underground pests such as grubs. These pests feed on the grass roots, causing thin roots and wilted grass blades. Other common turf pests include chinch bugs, sod webworms, armyworms and cutworms.

Control the pests.

Professional pest control is the key to fighting turf-destroying insects and saving your grass. Trained technicians can easily find damaged areas and tell which pests have caused the problems. Afterward, they'll treat your lawn and eliminate the pests. The technicians can also set up a recurring turf control program to help stop future infestations and lawn decay.

Professional Pest Control for Your Lawn

Turf pests can do a lot of damage in a short time. The weather also plays a role in turf damage and creates the right conditions for pests to thrive. If your lawn has suffered due to drought, floods or pests, turn to the professionals at Impact Pest Elimination. Our technicians use environmentally safe treatments for dealing with insects. We'll treat your lawn, help it to recover from the damage and make it look beautiful and inviting once again. We proudly serve residents in Hillsborough County, as well as many other Florida locations. Contact us today!

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