Ants on the floor inside house

3 Ways Ants Enter Your Home

Few things are as maddening as noticing an ant scurrying across the floor somewhere inside your home. If you live in Florida, you already know how wily these pests can be. With so much year-round moisture, heat and humidity, many species of ants thrive in this part of the country–and they love nothing better than seeking refuge and food inside people’s homes. Like many people who discover ants in their home, you may be scratching your head about how they got in. Keep reading to learn more.

Did you know ants were incredibly strong? Learn more facts about ants below.

A Few Surprising Facts About Ants

The Three Most Common Ways that Ants Enter Your Home

A common misconception is that ants only bother with messy or dirty homes. In reality, however, ants are looking for more than food when they infest a house. They want shelter and protection too. If there is even the smallest avenue into a home, you can be sure that ants will find it–regardless of how clean or unclean the premises are.

The three most common ways for ants to get into a home are:

  1. From Inside the Floor – Because they are so tiny and flexible, ants can traverse areas that are completely shielded from human detection. In particular, they are famous for scurrying along beneath carpet, tile and hardwood floors to get from point A to point B. This makes it all the more difficult to figure out where their point of origination is. Subflooring, which is typically made up of thin pieces of plywood that are sandwiched together, is also a common entry point for ants.
  2. Through Cracks, Gaps and Seams – Even if your house is brand new and built with the latest energy efficiency standards in mind, it isn’t completely sealed from the outside world. There are seams where walls, floors, windows, vents and doors meet, for example. Holes near electrical lines, outlets, pipes and vents are also commonly used by ants to gain entry to homes. Gaps in the foundation, which may be created during construction, also afford ants with any easy way in.
  3. By Hitching a Ride – Finally, you or members of your family may have inadvertently brought the first few ants into the house. They may ride in on furniture and other items that are being taken into the home; sometimes, they even hitch rides in grocery bags. Ants also commonly get into homes via children’s toys that are left outside for long periods of time.

Other than scouring your home for places where ants are making their way in, how are you supposed to put a stop to an ant infestation? Doing it yourself is a losing battle. For long-term relief, professional intervention is a must. Impact Pest Elimination is here to help, so contact us today.