A Special Thanks to Our Customers for Their Reviews

You Make Our Job Possible!

Here at Impact Pest Elimination, we put our customers first. Our focus on customer satisfaction shows in every aspect of our business from the services we offer to the products and processes we employ to the team members that interact with you at each service call. Since 1985, we’ve been providing responsible and effective pest elimination services to the great residents of Florida and we wouldn’t be here today without you! That’s why every single review means so much to our entire team. It lets us know that we’re continuing to serve your needs and providing stellar services that make a difference in your lives.

Why Reviews Matter

Reviews aren’t just pretty words or a pat on the back. Feedback from our customers helps us train and grow. Both positive and negative reviews provide valuable feedback to allow us to either adjust our training or put additional focus on areas of improvement. We’re in the business of providing great customer service as well as effective pest management, so reviews give us a window into how we’re doing. We always strive to improve our offerings as our customers’ needs change as we want to be your life-long pest elimination service provider. Reviews help us grow with you and for that, we are incredibly appreciative.

Our ability to retain long-time customers lets us know that our strategy works. A 14-year customer recently noted, “We have been with Impact since 2007 and have always had a great experience with all the technicians. The office staff is also very friendly. Great company to work with,” wrote Theresa B. on our site. We focus on excellent customer service across our organization. We want each and every customer to have a five-star experience from the moment they contact us to the end of a service appointment. Getting your feedback reinforces that our processes are working!

Another customer said, “They are always awesome to deal with, they take a big problem and resolve it thoroughly and more important in my field, quickly. Both Donnie and Matt are real professionals,” wrote Cornerstone Doctors of a recent service. Whether we’re working with a business owner or homeowner, we want to address their issues quickly and effectively because we understand time is precious.

Our Mission

While receiving Impact Pest Elimination reviews is much appreciated, we have a mission that guides our business and the way we treat our customers. Since 1985, we’ve been focused on providing guaranteed satisfaction and employing certified and licensed technicians. We even have University of Florida entomologists on staff to help us understand how pests operate and how to best get to the root of the problem. We choose products designed to only target the pests you intend to eliminate and we’re focused on the responsible use of products. Even in the most severe infestations, we never use products in a manner that would have an adverse effect on humans, pets, or the environment. Because our staff is so well trained in our specific processes and products, you don’t have to worry about your property’s or family’s safety. We only apply materials when necessary and focus on the patterns of specific pests to eliminate them at the source. Our mission has always been to provide safe, effective services at competitive prices while keeping the customer experience top of mind.

Providing Feedback

If we’ve had the pleasure of serving you, let us know how we did! We welcome any and all reviews about your experience with our staff and services. We want to ensure that you’re receiving the best service and care possible. Feel free to send us an email, leave a review on Facebook, or head to our reviews page. We take every one of the many Impact Pest Elimination reviews seriously and truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to leave one. Our business exists because of our customers and hearing how we’re doing directly from the source is invaluable. Thank you again to our past and existing customers for your patronage. And to any future customers who are in search of pest elimination experts, see what others are saying about Impact Pest Elimination!

As always, if you need help with a pest problem or are interested in any of our specialized services, contact us!