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Carpenter Ants

If you want to protect yourself and your home from carpenter ants, you are likely searching for answers so that you can reach your desired outcome. You will first need to learn about these insects, the things that attract them and what to do about the problem. Certain conditions increase the risk of carpenter ant activity, and you don't want to ignore the threat. The choices that you make now will play a role in your ability to combat the issue in the future, and you must never take shortcuts. You will soon have the knowledge that you need to choose the right path with confidence, giving you peace of mind.

The Danger

Even though learning about the dangers that carpenter ants present is a smart move for those who want to avoid unneeded risks, some people opt to ignore the threat. Instead of consuming it, the pests displace the wood in your walls and floors to create room for their nest. As they make their way through your walls, they can cause structural damage that is expensive to repair. The rainy summers of Florida can make porches, barns and other outdoor structures wet enough to attract the pests, and it won't take them long to take the next step, invading your home.

How to Identify Carpenter Ants

Learning to spot the enemy is an important step in the right direction if your goal is to reduce the damage. When searching for carpenter ants, people often looked for ants that have wings, which is not always a reliable method. You will only discover winged ants after the colony has matured, and the process can take up to two years. Regular carpenter ants are easy to confuse with other types, but the carpenter ant's heart-shaped head gives it away.

Warning Signs

If you are up against a mature colony, look for discarded wings near your doors and windows. During the early stages of the invasion, search for wood shavings near your walls or wooden furniture. Those who want to safeguard themselves can also check for sagging spots on their walls and floors, but you must remember that the warning signs are not always easy to detect with an untrained eye. With your home on the line, you can't afford to look the other way.

Impact Pest Elimination

If you suspect that carpenter ants or other pests have invited themselves onto your property, it's time to take action. Failing to address the problem is easy, but doing so will allow it to become that much worse. If you need a team on which you can depend, contact Impact Pest Elimination, and you will soon learn that we have what it takes to secure your home and get the job done right the first time.

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