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Common Places to Find Rodents in Your Home

Rodents are sneaky by nature, coming out mostly at night to scrounge for food in the kitchen when you’re fast asleep. These pests can hide in the most obvious and not so obvious places in your home. No matter where they’re hiding, they should be found right away to prevent spreading diseases and fleas throughout your living areas.

4 Common Rodent Hiding Places


The area beneath your home serves as a shelter for many different pests, from insects to rodents. Mice and rats will build their nests in crawlspaces and use open spaces as small as 1.75 mm to enter your home in search of food. Once they get inside, they may relocate their nests to a warmer or cooler part of the indoors depending on the season.


An attic is a long way above the ground, but the distance doesn’t stop opportunistic rodents from seeking these out-of-the-way spaces. Rodents can hop and climb and often use hanging branches or clutter to reach rooftops where they invade attics through the vents. If the rodents are already indoors, they can maneuver quietly up the walls to the attic where they hunker down and start their colony.


When rodents come inside, they need a quick place to hide. Some mice will chew small holes through the walls and hide out until it’s dark and everyone goes to bed. Other rodents will invade the walls from the outside, especially if they find an easy entryway like a gap around a window.


Garages are the ideal spots for rodents to hide, to build nests and to raise their young. Chances are that you have boxes, clutter and other things scattered throughout the area. Rodents love clutter as it gives them a great place to hide and a central location from which to seek out food and water before returning to their nest.

Find and Remove Rodents from Your Home

Do-it-yourself pest control such as mousetraps don’t always work. Rodents are extremely intelligent and can often remove the bait from the traps or simply avoid them altogether. If you have a rodent infestation in your home, it’s best to seek professional assistance. Impact Pest Elimination can uncover rodents in the walls, crawlspaces and other areas and eliminate them before the infestation grows.

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