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Did You Know Impact is QualityPro Certified?

With so many pest control companies competing for your business, how are you supposed to identify the right one? One thing that separates so-so companies from stellar ones is a QualityPro certification. To qualify for this certification, a pest control company must demonstrate proficiency across 16 standards. Impact Pest Elimination is proud to possess this certification; read on to learn more about it.

What is the QualityPro Certification?

QualityPro certification is a program that is available to U.S. and Canadian pest control companies that are members of the National Pest Management Association, or NPMA. In exchange for meeting a variety of standards, certified companies gain access to a wealth of useful resources. More importantly, they demonstrate their ongoing commitment to quality.

Benefits of Hiring a QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company

Finding a dependable pest control company usually means running through a long list of questions. Is the company licensed and insured? What are their hiring practices? What kinds of safety measures do they have in place? At a glance, a QualityPro certification can answer many of these questions and more.

Some of the top benefits that going along with hiring a QualityPro certified company include:

  • Careful Hiring – Certified companies must adhere to strict hiring practices, which include performing criminal background checks on all applicants. They must also ask specific questions of applicants during job interviews.
  • Quality Coverage – To earn certification, a pest control company must demonstrate that it holds the appropriate types of insurance protection. These may include liability insurance, auto insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Safety Standards – Companies that possess QualityPro certifications are required to have written job-related safety policies in place. These policies cover things like driving, the safe handling of pesticides, federal OSHA standards and state safety requirements.
  • IPM – To receive a certification from QualityPro, a pest control company must provide integrated pest management services, or IPM services, to its customers. IPM incorporates many practices, including inspections; pest identification; and the identification and deployment of pest control and management techniques that will most effectively resolve the problem.
  • More – QualityPro standards cover many other bases, including warranty practices; marketing practices; technician testing practices; and even service vehicle practices. On every level, then, certified companies demonstrate their adherence to professional standards that allow them to provide the highest level of service.

Unless you have the time and patience that are needed to methodically check into the background of any pest control company that you consider, you should look instead for the QualityPro certification. If you need pest control services in Florida, note that Impact Pest Elimination is QualityPro certified and ready to help. Contact us today for a free quote.