Maintaining a clean, nicely landscaped yard is an excellent way to ward off some of the most common pests. Like many people, however, you may think that turf care can safely fall by the wayside when fall arrives. In reality, though, it is crucial to take steps to prepare turf for the colder months ahead. Keep reading to find out how.

Tips for Caring for Turf in the Fall

Get your lawn ready for the winter with these fall care tips:

In addition to caring for your lawn, you're also going to want to keep pests under control.

3 Things to Know About Controlling Turf Pests

While it may seem like a lot of pointless work now, the above fall turf care tips will pay off when your lawn bounces back to life in the spring. If you suspect that pests are ruining your lawn or have otherwise infiltrated your home, professional assistance is a must. Contact Impact Pest Elimination today for a free quote.