Fall Wildlife in Florida

During the fall, some animals tend to become especially active. In preparation for the colder weather ahead, they will be on the search for reliable sources of food and shelter. Your home could definitely become a target, and need some wildlife control. Here’s an overview of the fall wildlife in Florida.


Raccoons are considered to be some of the biggest nuisances in the state. These masked animals easily adapt to new environments, which makes them even more of a problem. They will eat virtually anything. Although raccoons tend to sleep a lot during the winter, they will be trying to store up body fat during the fall. If a raccoon happens to take refuge on your property, be very cautious. Raccoons have a tendency to become aggressive when approached.


Possums are just as problematic as raccoons. They have a knack for raiding dumpsters and trash cans. You definitely don’t want these marsupials around your home. From mites to fleas, possums carry a wide range of different parasites. A rabid possum poses even more danger to your family. Upon encountering a family of possums on your property, call a professional immediately!

Rodents can make their way into your home. Here are some places where they can be found.

Common Places to Find Rodents in Your Home


Although squirrels may look sweet and cuddly, they are actually more troublesome than you may think. Squirrels love to invade to attics. Once squirrels gain access to your home, it’s only a matter of time before you notice the destruction. Not only do squirrels gnaw through electrical wires and insulation, but they also create an unsanitary environment. Even worse, squirrels are territorial creatures that will not want to leave peacefully.


The fall is the official start of rodent season. To keep these filthy pests out of your home or business, you must seal up holes and cracks. A rat’s limber body enables it to squeeze into the tiniest of openings. After rats have successfully invaded your home, expect to have an uphill battle on your hands. Rats use their impressive intelligence to avoid getting trapped.

When dealing with troublesome wildlife on your property, be sure to contact Impact Pest Elimination. Our experienced professionals promise to solve your problem in the most humane way. Contact us for a free quote on service.