St. Augustine grass

Fertilizing Your Lawn in Florida

What Makes for Great Grass?

Fertilizing is an important part of your lawn care routine, but knowing when and how to fertilize can be a guessing game for many. Giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to remain healthy will ensure that you have beautiful grass year round. Since the weather in Florida is relatively warm all year, Floridians must stick to a routine schedule of fertilization when it comes to lawn care. St. Augustine grass is the most common type grown throughout the state as it does well in the warm, humid climate and has adapted well to a variety of soils. This type of grass requires consistent fertilizer to maintain its dense growth and green color throughout the year. 


Just like your lawn needs sunshine and water it needs to be fertilized. Appropriate fertilizer applied at the correct rate and correct time can replace the essential nutrients your grass needs to grow. Even with high-quality soil, overtime the important nutrients needed for a healthy lawn can be lost through the cycle of growth. Fertilizer replaces these so the result is a lush, green lawn. Additionally, routine turf care can prevent the onset of pest problems which can deaden and destroy lawns. Impact Pest Elimination offers turf care services that create an environment which prevents pest infestations and weed overgrowth. If your lawn becomes the victim of a pest problem, you could see severe damage to your grass within a short period. Regular and consistent fertilization can not only provide essential nutrients to your lawn, it can prevent dreaded pests from wreaking havoc at your property. 


Though Florida’s common St. Augustine grass is prominent in the state it does have its disadvantages. Firstly, it does not tolerate drought, so keeping up regular watering when needed is crucial. Also, it’s susceptible to pests and disease, which means fertilizing is key. During the winter months, this type of grass can tend towards browning as well so proper maintenance is important in maintaining a high-quality lawn. Impact’s state certified service specialist is highly trained on the best time to begin a fertilization program for your turf to be at its optimal health. Applying too much fertilizer can actually damage your lawn and the environment, so understanding what is exactly needed and when is important. With our turf care program, leave the scheduling up to us and enjoy your luscious lawn. 


Determining what kind of nutrients your specific type of grass needs and how much can be overwhelming. For example, during the summer often St. Augustine grass can begin to turn yellow which most people would assume means it isn’t being watered enough. However, this could actually be due to a lack of nutrients or even fungus growth from overwatering. Once you’ve entered the summer months, adding nitrogen to your lawn can actually welcome pests and put you at risk for an infestation. Furthermore, specific counties in the Tampa Bay area ban the use of fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorous during the summer months. Knowing what, when to apply, and how much of the specific nutrients your grass needs to thrive is sometimes a guessing game for the average homeowner. It takes a lot of research and, sometimes, trial and error to get it right. You should maintain a specific fertilization schedule for St. Augustine grass with the service specialists of Impact Pest Elimination. A soil test can aid in determining how much specific nutrients you need at any given time to ensure your lawn remains healthy and beautiful. 

Take the guessing game out and simply bring in the professionals like those at Impact Pest Elimination. Our turf care services allow you to spend more time enjoying your lawn instead of maintaining its splendor. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, our services can help you keep your grass healthy and attractive all year long. We design turf care protocols that will protect your lawn while meeting your service, safety, and budgetary needs. Not only will your grass look its best, our turf care services help to prevent pest infestations and control weeds as well. Contact us today to learn more about turf care and the importance of lawn fertilization in Florida.