Woman applying tick and flea prevention treatment to her dog

Fighting Fleas

During the spring and summer, insects are always lurking somewhere nearby. This year in Florida, fleas are expected to be out in full force. Pets must remain protected at all times. Like ticks, fleas can spread Lyme disease and other ailments. Here are some tips to help you fight these bloodsucking parasites.

Keep Pets Out of the Neighbor’s Yard

Even if you have taken the necessary steps to keep ticks off your property, these insects may still be in your neighbor’s yard. Make sure your pet doesn’t go over there. They will definitely bring fleas back home. Although training your pet will help, it’s also advisable to install a fence around the property lines.

Check Your Pets Frequently

To ensure that fleas don’t get inside your home, it’s a good idea to check your pets on a regular basis. Because fleas are so tiny, you won’t be able to spot them without closely inspecting your pet’s fur. Fleas are especially attracted to warm, protective areas of the body. You should also pay attention to your pet’s behavior. If they happen to become restless or start to scratch intensely, there’s a good chance fleas are to blame.

Maintain Your Yard

well-maintained yard is far less likely to harbor fleas. Make it a priority to mow your lawn on a weekly basis. Tall grass and weeds give fleas a place to hide. These insects have the ability to jump great distances, so they’ll have no problem hopping onto your pet. You should also rake up any fallen leaves and old grass clippings.

Keep an Eye Out for Wild Animals

Be wary of wild animals on your property. Although animals such as squirrels and rabbits may look cute, they can expose pets to fleas. Fleas are also carried by bats. Don’t allow them to take refuge near your home.

Have You Property Treated

Enlisting the help of a professional pest control company will give you an extra degree of protection. After your property has been treated, your family can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without being plagued by pests. The technicians will also know exactly how to evict fleas from your home.

Impact Pest Elimination remains your best source for pest control in Florida. From fleas to termites, we can handle a wide range of troublesome pests. Contact us for a free quote on service.