Who: Kelly Maldonado

Where: Main Office

Best Part of the Job:

Kelly is excited to soon be celebrating her 10th anniversary with Impact, as part of the administrative team located in the main office. Her position gives her the opportunity to interact with all of Impact Pest Elimination’s locations and employees. She particularly enjoys the people she meets through her job, as well as the fact that she is continuously learning new things. Her enthusiasm for both is just one of the many reasons she has had such a long and successful career with Impact.

Kelly agrees with the technicians that regular inspections are important to keep up with different pest situations that can arise. “It’s important to be aware of different types of bugs for the health and protection of your family as well as your home, which is probably your biggest investment,” she explains.

Off the Job:

Kelly enjoys cooking and would like to broaden her skills by learning to make more exotic foods from other countries. She finds inspiration in her daily life from her friend Tonya. Kelly shares, “My hero is my best friend Tonya. She has endured so much and always rises above and puts others before herself.”