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Get to Know Impact Pest Elimination – Paul Ferguson

Who: Paul Ferguson

Where: Impact of Tampa

How It Began:

For 11 years, Paul Ferguson has enjoyed meeting new people in his role as a service specialist with Impact Pest Elimination in Tampa. He values the integrity that Impact represents to its customers. During his time with the company, he has learned the value of regular pest inspections for homeowners. “Regular pest inspections are important because a second set of eyes never hurts as we tend to overlook things in our own homes,” he explains.

Best Part of the Job:

Interacting with customers on a daily basis fits well with Paul’s personality. “I enjoy assisting people in solving their pest problems,” he says of his job.

Most Interesting Experience on the Job:

When asked about his strangest or most interesting experience on the job, Paul recalls the first time he did a big yellow jacket or bee job. He explains, “The rush you get when the ground or the hive starts moving is a pretty cool experience and a bit scary at the same time!”

Off the Job:

When he isn’t dodging angry bees, Paul is a self-described “huge sports fan” in his spare time.

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