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Get to Know Impact Pest Elimination Paul Prieto

Who: Paul Prieto

Where: Impact Sarasota

How It Began:

Paul Prieto loves being outdoors. It was partly his desire to not be confined inside that lead him to his job at Impact Pest Elimination in the first place. The thing that has kept him satisfied with his work is the consistent challenges that present themselves, particularly when it comes to the task of dealing with rodents.

Best Part of the Job:

While most people might find it odd, Paul actually finds the challenge of ridding a home of rodents, particularly rats, extremely satisfying. If anything he respects the cunning and intelligence of the creatures, although that doesn’t stop him from wanting to best them and keep his customers happy.

Most Interesting Experience on the Job:

After five years with Impact Pest Elimination, Paul definitely has many stories he can share about dealing with pests in Sarasota. When asked, he said, “Wow, I could write a book. Over the years I have seen rodents do and eat crazy things. They are amazing creatures.”

Off the Job:

Paul, who is Hispanic and fluent in English and Spanish, has a motto when it comes to his job that carries over into his life, “Catch things early before they get out of hand.”

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