Rodent in Christmas Lights

How Homeowners Can Prevent Pests After the Holiday Season

Don’t Turn Seasonal Cheer into an Infestation

The holiday season brings with it feelings of wonder, togetherness, and celebration. One thing it shouldn’t bring you is a pest problem. After the joy of the holidays has dimmed to a pleasant glow and the new year is underway, the last thing you want to deal with is an infestation caused by all the new and exciting things the season brought. The last thing you want to find under the tree is a pest problem. Taking holiday pest control seriously might be the greatest gift you can give yourself this holly jolly season. Here are some ways you can prepare your property for a pest-free march into spring.


Pests love nooks and crannies and fun places to hide among your clutter. The holidays typically bring a massive amount of clutter into the home and outside of it. From gift boxes to wrapping paper, packaging to recyclables to food waste, and more, your property can become a haven for pests of all types. One way to avoid a pest problem is to declutter your home before or shortly after holiday festivities. Be sure to remove old items that you’re no longer using around the house. If it’s been sitting somewhere for the last year without you touching it, it’s probably safe to get rid of. Roaches and rodents love clutter, so getting rid of breeding grounds is key.

Also, eliminate the storage of excessive paper products in an easy-to-access manner. For example, if you have gift wrap that you purchased on clearance for next year, buy a plastic tote to keep it in and store it in a space that’s unlikely to welcome pests. Keep holiday decorations in plastic containers as well to prevent roaches, silverfish, plaster bagworms, and even termites from infiltrating your stuff and home. Keep your stock of paper towels and toilet paper away from opportunistic rodents and bugs.


Another way to facilitate holiday pest control is by inspecting things that come into your home over the holidays. From bedding to boxes, pests can hitch a ride straight into your house on lots of different things especially if those things were being stored outside before they got to you. If you’re celebrating with family this year, make sure that any boxes or bedding they bring over is inspected before it makes its way into the rotation at your home. Silverfish and roaches can hitch rides on boxes, even if they’re nicely wrapped, and bed bugs travel well once they’re established so be sure to keep your home safe by being thorough.

Organize and Repair

During the colder months in Florida, pests are seeking shelter from dipping temperatures. Some of the most bothersome pets in Florida in January are ants, rodents, and cockroaches – none of which you want to take up residence in or around yours. To prevent a post-holiday infestation of these pests, focus on organization and repair in and around your home. As noted above, don’t let clutter pile up and that includes the increased garbage we all have to deal with after the holidays. Store your garbage in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly. Don’t keep stacks of broken-down cardboard laying around garages as this makes the perfect home for an opportunistic pest looking to get in out of the cold. Also, be sure to store your firewood at least 20 feet away from the house or any structure and 5 inches off the ground to avoid an infestation.

Since rodents and other pests can enter your home through the smallest of spaces, be sure to repair fascia and soffits. If they’re rotted, pests can access these areas and enter your home quite easily. Once pests, like rodents, get inside your home they can cause lots of damage pretty quickly. Not only will they seek out food, rodents can also chew through wiring, insulation, and other structural components of your home.

If pests did end up joining in on the holiday cheer this year, we can help. The licensed, certified technicians at Impact Pest Elimination can help you deal with any pest problem large or small. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to get a quote.