Pest Control Worker Shaking Hands With Woman

How Pest Control Has Changed for the Better

And Why It Will Always Be Necessary in Some Form

Since the beginning of the human race, there’s been a need for pest control. Even since the first homo sapien swatted a fly, people have been trying to alleviate themselves of the pest plague. Throughout the years, society has tried a variety of ways of getting rid of the pests that overwhelm and annoy. Here we’ll take a look at pest control through the ages and how today’s practices are far improved from those of the past. In addition, we’ll look ahead to the future of pest control and look at why it will always be an important part of our daily lives.

The History of Pest Control

The earliest known type of pest control was when the Sumerians used sulfur to kill insects. Since then, civilizations have participated in a range of practices from using fire to chase locusts away in ancient Greece, to the Chinese releasing predatory ants to thwart beetles and caterpillars. By 300 B.C. the Chinese had realized the connection between climate and periodic biological phenomena meaning they could use timed planting as a means to avoid pests. In 1101, the Chinese had figured out that soap could be used as a pesticide. From then on, various civilizations determined they could use chemicals – natural or manmade – to rid their crops and properties of pests. By the early 1900s, equipment had been designed specifically to spread pest-control solutions and insecticides.

In the 1920s through the next several decades, pesticides were mostly ineffective and particularly risky. Many farmers and farm workers suffered due to the toxicity of these insecticides and pest control solutions. Finally in 1962, a book titled “Silent Spring” turned the public’s eye to pesticide safety and its possible negative impacts. The book eventually brought about policy changes in the ‘70s that began to make pest control solutions safer.

Today’s Practices

Today, responsible pest control practices are focused on solving the problem without causing harm to humans and reducing impact to the environment. From biologic methods to low-volume materials, people in the pest control industry understand the importance of protecting ourselves and our surroundings while eliminating pests. We know that walking the line between effectiveness and safety is crucial. That’s why quality pest control services like Impact Pest Elimination have certified, trained staff who understand how pests operate and what exactly will get rid of each of them in the most effective and safe manner. Instead of spraying and praying, trained professionals lay out a specific plan that goes to the root of the problem instead of eliminating everything in the path of their materials. Understanding how pests operate means that you can sometimes resolve the issue with a couple of behavioral tactics instead of a full-fledged attack. Unlike the pest control of the past, today’s methods are more holistic. By simply making it harder for pests to reproduce, you can dramatically reduce the size of an infestation. Pest control today is more responsible, efficient, has less odor, uses less materials, and has an overall improved environmental approach. Coupled with gentler solutions and behavioral methods, today’s pest control practices are more effective and safer than those of the last century.

Looking Toward the Future

The simple fact is that civilizations will always need pest control. As long as both humans and the variety of pests that nuisance them exist, we will want to rid ourselves of the headache. While no one can predict the future, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see the pest control industry move towards safer, more effective, and more efficient practices that focus on the root of the issue instead of just the elimination of the problem. Finding a quality pest control company, like Impact Pest Elimination, that stays up to date with the industry’s best practices is key. The health and safety of your home and property depend on effective and responsible pest control services. Whatever the future brings, know that making sure your home is safe and pest-free is our top goal.