A table outdoors with a variety of different foods on it.

How to Have a Pest Free Summer Picnic

A picnic is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not a time for battling pests at every turn. When you venture outdoors in the summertime, you’re bound to meet face-to-face with insects of every type, from sugar-loving ants to bread-hungry flies. If you want to avoid these nuisance pests altogether, it takes some careful pre-planning and good picnic habits while you eat.

3 Tips for Preventing Picnic Pests

Keep the Food Covered

Uncovered food attracts pests from all over the place. Ants will form lines toward breads and sweets, and flies will buzz around before landing on the first available item. Protect your food in plastic containers, and keep the lids on them whenever you’re not serving the meal. Don’t forget to cover everything up before you step away from the eating area for some games with your family.

Clean Up as You Go

Cleaning up as you serve the meal and eat the food is the right idea for preventative pest control. Crumbs will surely fall to the ground, and drinks will undoubtedly spill. Pick up any food items that could attract ants and other pests to your area. If you spill a drink on the table, clean it up right away to prevent flies, bees and crawling insects from taking advantage of an easy and convenient meal.

Not only should your picnics be pest free, but so should your home

Top 5 Tips for Bug Proofing Your Home

Pretreat the Area

Not everyone thinks of pretreating their backyards for spring and summer. A quick pretreat with effective pest control products will prevent pests from entering your property. It will kill existing infestations and stop other pests from invading your yard. Pretreating your property will keep everything from mosquitoes to ants away, giving you the peace to enjoy your backyard without nuisance insects in your space.

Eliminate Nuisance Pests for the Summer

You shouldn’t have to swat at flies or to run from wasps while picnicking outdoors. Contact Impact Pest Elimination and let our experts help you have a more enjoyable time with friends and family under the sun. Preventative steps such as keeping your food covered will help deter pests from entering your eating area. By pretreating your picnic spots early, you’ll also create a barrier against bothersome insects this summer.