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Who: Bryan Penley

Where: Tarpon Springs

How It Began:

Bryan Penley has been with Impact Pest Elimination in Tarpons Springs for five years. During that time he has come to appreciate the close-knit nature of the company. “I like that Impact is a family business,” he said. Bryan added, “I like it’s not a corporate company. They let me do things my

Best Part of the Job:

It isn’t just his co-workers at Impact Pest Elimination that make Bryan’s job enjoyable. He also feels a close, family-like bond with his customers as well. “I like the customers,” he said. “Being able to take care of their problems makes me feel good. I have a great relationship with all my customers. They are like family to me.” Because of this close connection, Bryan wants his customer’s to have bug-free homes. He recommends preventative measures when it comes to pest control. “If you do regular inspections you can prevent bugs from getting in the house,” he said.

Most Interesting Experience on the Job:

Bryan’s most “memorable” on the job experience involved bees. Working with another Impact Pest Elimination employee, the two men were trying to remove a bee infestation from a customer’s home. Bryan recalled, “The bees chased me down the street then stung me in the face.”

Off the Job:

In his time away from the job, Bryan is excited about welcoming his son in October. He is also proud to have taught himself to play the guitar in his downtime.

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