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Impact Lawn Invaders

Lawn Invaders

When you think of pests, your thoughts probably first run to those bugs that irritate you by biting and stinging or the ones that try to overrun your home. But beyond bees or cockroaches, there are a host of bugs whose sole goal is to invade your lawn and turn that peaceful green oasis into a dry, brown battlefield. You can fight back if you know what you are up against. Read on to learn which insects are after your yard.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are very common in Florida. A telltale sign is areas of dry, brown grass near concrete that receive full sun and don’t get much in the way of water. Chinch bugs cause the grass to dry out because they literally suck the moisture out of the grass. To be certain that chinch bugs are your problem, look for small, black, winged insects amongst the affected grass.

Sod Web Worms

These bugs are generally found in Bermuda grass. The larval stage of a moth, sod web worms cause the most damage in late summer and fall. They destroy your grass quickly when they feed at night. If you wake up to uneven brown patches on your lawn one morning, it may be due to sod web worms.

Southern Mole Cricket

The southern mole cricket also likes to inflict their damage during the night. While they may prefer Bermuda and Bahia grasses, these bugs don’t discriminate and will eat the roots of any type of grass as they tunnel
through the dirt. Because they spend most of their time below ground, you may only realize southern mole crickets are the problem when you notice grass drying out in your yard.

Armyworms or Grubs

Another insect that works to destroy your lawn from underground, armyworms or grubs leave large and irregular brown patches in your yard as they feed on the roots of your grass. You may think the patches are due to drought,
but if you can easily pull back your grass, like you are rolling back a rug, the culprit is armyworms.

Aphids and Whiteflies

Have you ever rustled a plant and seen a cloud of small white insects fly away? Those are whiteflies, and along with aphids, they like to munch on any vegetables or ornamental plants you may have in your yard. Not only do
they damage the leaves of your plants, but they also leave behind a sticky residue that can cause mold.