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Knowing Your Homeowners Insurance When It Comes to Pest Control

Many homeowners do not know everything in their homeowner’s policy. When something happens to your home, the first thing you do is call your insurance company. That is also the case when it comes to pest related issues. But what you do not know is most homeowners insurance generally does not cover pest infestations or damages.

Homeowners Insurance Limitations

Many homeowners policies usually include an exclusion clause which cites pest infestations or damages as a non-covered maintenance item. The homeowner has the sole responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the house.

But, there may be certain situations where pest control or pest-related damages would be covered. For example, you may have a situation where there was damage to your roof. That roof damage has brought in some unwanted guests like squirrels. Now there is a need for pest control because of the non-controllable cause, and your claim could be valid. But, if you submit a claim for the pest removal and damages, the insurance company may look for more information like:

  • When did the damage to the roof occur?
  • When did you notice signs of the pests?
  • Did you use reasonable efforts to secure the home in a timely fashion?
  • Once there were visible signs of pest, did you try removing them yourself?
  • Do you know if there were previous pests or insects in the home?

This type of information helps the insurance determine if you made any effort to take care of the pest issue or did you let it go and more damage occurred from the neglect of not addressing it timely.

Speaking of pest issues, did you know Impact is QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company?

Did You Know Impact is QualityPro Certified

Alternatives for Homeowners Insurance for Pest Control

If you have a concern about pest infestations and damages, there are alternatives. These alternatives include specialty insurance or a monthly pest control maintenance program.

Just like specialty insurance for flood and earthquake, there is also specialty insurance for pest control. These insurance riders are usually very specific, so as a homeowner, make sure you understand the coverage and limitations. Consult your insurance carrier if you have any questions. You may also decide to take a more proactive approach and set up a pest control maintenance program and annual home inspection. This alternative offers protection plus the yearly inspection ensures that any potential new problems can be addressed and the maintenance plan modified.

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