Man using spray bottle of insect repellent on his leg outdoors

Mosquito Protection

Learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Property

As a pest that synonymous with warm weather, the mosquito is prevalent in the Sunshine State. While other parts of the country may only experience a relatively short mosquito season, Floridians are tasked with protecting themselves from this bothersome and dangerous pest most of the year. Our wet, warm weather is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and understanding the dangers and how to protect yourself from them is key to calling this state your home.

It’s been said that mosquitoes are perhaps the most dangerous creature in the world. That’s because of their keen ability to carry disease and pass it on to humans through a bite. At least 50 percent of the world’s population is at risk of a mosquito-born illness at any time. These annoying creatures carry things like the Zika virus, malaria, dengue fever, and Yellow Fever through their contact with humans. Currently, Zika is a concern in tropical climates including Florida. The disease can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms and be particularly dangerous for expectant mothers – all through a tiny mosquito bite. So, how do you protect yourself?

What Attracts Mosquitoes

Understanding what attracts mosquitoes is the first step in fighting this battle. Firstly, mosquitoes breed in warm, wet conditions and love standing water. But what truly attracts them to a specific person?

While there are hundreds of different species of mosquito, only females bite. They need nutrients from your blood to produce eggs and are drawn to you through a number of factors. The carbon dioxide our bodies produce is one way that mosquitoes are attracted to us. This in conjunction with our body heat and potentially blood type, make us ideal prey for these pesky pests. Various studies have shown that those with type O blood may be bitten more frequently than those with other blood types.

Most mosquitoes in the U.S. are particularly active around dusk. While there are more than 170 species of mosquito in this country, the ones that seem to bother us the most like the cooler temperatures of evening to feast. Protecting yourself against bites during this peak time is critical.

How to Avoid Bites

Avoiding bites is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the variety of diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. While no method is fool-proof, there are some steps you can take to reducing your chance of getting bitten. Firstly, make sure you have adequate screens in your windows. When mosquitoes get inside, they are protected from the heat of the day and can prey on you round the clock. Secondly, try to avoid being outside at peak mosquito times. These bits of advice are great for ideal scenarios, but no one can be expected to stay cooped up all the time. If you’re outside, make sure to wear light colored clothing as darker hues will attract insects. Always use some sort of bug repellent spray. The most effective options contain picaridin and DEET. Be sure to reapply as frequently as the manufacturer suggests and cover parts of your body that you can’t or don’t want to spray.

Being Proactive

Instead of just protecting yourself from mosquitoes, take it a step further and be proactive about protecting your property. Stopping mosquitoes from breeding is truly the only way to protect yourself from being bitten. While you don’t have control over every venue you’ll spend time, you do have control over your own yard. Many people know that using citronella candles or planting non-mosquito-friendly greenery will aid in the reduction of the pest, but there are steps you can take even further prevent this dangerous insect from becoming bothersome.

Did you know you can actually treat your property to reduce mosquitoes? Impact Pest Elimination offers a mosquito reduction service that will effectively allow you to enjoy your own property again. This service uses a repellent to treat your property and it’s good for up to 30 days to keep mosquitoes at bay. Instead of reducing standing water and lighting some candles, take some true action toward taking your yard back and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the risk of being bitten. Our service can reduce mosquitoes and keep your family comfortable all year round!