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Not Just a One-Time Visit: Why Regular Pest Control is Important

Staying ahead of the problem can save you serious hassle

You may think that regular pest control service seems like an extravagance. However, the harsh reality is that once you’ve spotted a pest in or around your home, you already have a problem that will require professional intervention. Instead of waiting for an issue to crop up, work with a local pest control specialist like Impact to set up regular service which can save you time, money, and a lot of stress. Your first line of defense against pesky pests is prevention. When you have regular pest control service, your professional team will be sure to inspect your home and property for any possible issues and try to prevent an infestation. Some pests are easy to detect through droppings or actually seeing them, but others, like termites, may be doing damage that you have no idea about. Letting the professionals prevent a problem, or catch it early, is the most important reason you need regular pest control. Here are some other ways a regular pest control service can be beneficial.

Save Money

Generally speaking, prevention is more cost effective than remediation. Working with a pest control specialist on a regular basis will allow you to accurately budget for this service instead of being surprised by a problem. It’s often hard to budget for an infestation as you never really know how much damage it’s caused until you’ve already called in the professionals. Pest problems are deemed the responsibility of a homeowner, so even your insurance won’t be of much help when it comes to trying to find funding to remediate the issue. Infestations can cause serious financial setbacks even if you have some savings for emergencies. Just hiring a pest control service can cost hundreds of dollars, but that doesn’t include any repairs that need to be made to your property. Save yourself the money and stress of an infestation by preventing it in the first place with regular pest control service.

Stay Healthy

Many pests spread disease. Rodents can contaminate food resources and even spread disease to humans. Any contact with rodents or their droppings has the potential to cause serious health issues. Another pest that causes direct harm to humans is the bed bug. These nearly invisible pests are incredibly difficult to get rid of and can cause serious annoyance through their bites which are red and itchy. If you get an infestation of bed bugs, you must call in professionals to handle the job and get your home back to normal. Cockroaches are another pest that can cause health issues in your home. These bugs contaminate food and carry dangerous bacteria like salmonella. Using a pest control company that provides regular, preventative service can save your home from infestations of these pests and keep your family healthy.

DIY Rarely Works

We get it. If you can take care of something yourself instead of paying someone to do it, you’d rather save the money. However, when it comes to pest control, this rarely works. There are lots of over-the-counter pest control products that claim they’ll take care of the problem post haste, but they are often only a bandage on the actual infestation. Consumers waste hundreds of dollars buying into the quick-fix idea of DIY pest control each year and then end up having to shell out the money for professionals after it doesn’t work, and the pests have done more damage. Additionally, using harmful products can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, not to mention ineffective. Working with pest control professionals, like those at Impact, on a regular basis can save you money and stress!

Don’t waste time, money, or your sanity dealing with an unnecessary infestation. Let the professionals at Impact protect your home and property with regular pest control service, or if you already have a problem, let us help you fix it right away.

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