Fenced backyard. View of lawn and blooming flower beds

Places in Your Yard Where Mosquitoes Can Breed

You may have heard that mosquitoes breed in standing water. But there are some pretty surprising water sources you might not have thought about that attract these pests to your lawn. Keep your yard mosquito-free by banishing their favorite meeting spots from your property.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your lawn clutter-free goes a long way toward preventing mosquitoes. While you may always strive to maintain a neat yard, even the smallest items can allow water to gather and attract these pesky, biting invaders. From a stray bottle cap to your child’s plastic toy shovel, water can accumulate in any concave surface and draw mosquitoes. Do a quick check at the end of the day to ensure no stragglers are hiding in the grass. Your gutters are another popular mosquito breeding ground, so clear out debris regularly to prevent standing water.

Even Out Your Lawn

Water can collect in larger outdoor items before you know it. Empty kiddie pools when not in use, make sure the water in your birdbath is fresh, and drain water from trays or plates resting under your potted plants. Uneven spots on your lawn are also magnets for stagnant water, so inspect your yard for any cavities in your landscaping. Whether you’re the DIY type or need to call in a professional, fill in holes and provide necessary drainage to keep the neighborhood mosquito population at bay.

Repel Those Pests

Whether you stock up on citronella candles and DEET-based bug spray or fill your yard with citronella plants, repellent helps prevent mosquito bites all season long. If you plant citronella, be aware that this sun-loving plant’s repellent properties are activated by touch. It may look strange, but handle your plants a little bit before outdoor activities.

While these tips will certainly help ward off mosquitoes, you may need a little extra help. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried everything to prevent mosquito invasions, give your local pest control professionals a call. The friendly, dependable technicians at Impact Pest Elimination help customers in Tarpon Springs, FL, and many surrounding service areas, keep their properties free of mosquitoes and other pests all year round.