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Does the Rainy Season Increase Pest Pressure?

Don’t End Up With a Problem

Most know Florida as the Sunshine State and while the sun certainly does shine here, Floridians know that the rainy season can take a toll on our usually sunny outlook. Florida’s rainy season doesn’t have a specific start and end date but usually picks up around the time the weather becomes more humid (yes, even more humid than normal) which causes an increase in storms and rain. The additional moisture in the atmosphere can produce showers and storms nearly every afternoon during this period. But what does that mean for you as a property owner? More pests! Certain types of pests thrive in warm, wet weather which increases pest pressure and means you have to be vigilant about your treatment plan.

Pests Love Wet Weather

Not all pests love warm, wet weather, but many of the most bothersome do. One pest that may not particularly impact your property overall but certainly cut down on your enjoyment of the outdoors are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes truly thrive in wet, warm weather as they breed in stagnant water. If your property has any spots that collect rain water and are slow to drain, mosquitoes can quickly set up shop. They prefer wet weather over 80 degrees – which means Florida’s rainy season is the perfect time for them to breed and multiply.

Another pest that craves wet weather is the Carpenter Ant. Ants, especially, reproduce in greater numbers in wet, warm climates. Carpenter ants will create nests in many different locations, with soft, wet and rotten wood being favored by many species. Carpenter Ants do not ingest wood; instead they excavate galleries in the wood for nesting. These ants are of economic importance because of the damage they do to structures. Although they do not seriously damage wood like termites, they do substantial amounts to weaken the buildings structure.

What to Do

There are some steps you can take to try and prevent pest infestation during the rainy season. While you can’t control the weather, you can pest-proof your property to a certain extent. In order to keep pests like mosquitoes from breeding, ensure that you don’t have any standing water on your property. If you have low-lying areas, fill them in. Don’t leave uncovered containers out to collect rain water.

Always investigate any flooded areas to see how you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Always be sure to clear gutters so that they can properly drain rainwater away from your structures which will keep areas drier. To avoid a carpenter ant issue, correct any damaged wood around your home after the rains have passed.

Bring in the Professionals

Whether or not you have an active problem, you should bring in the professionals for an inspection. The key to getting ahead of a pest problem is to prevent it. Professionals, like those at Impact Pest Elimination, know the signs of pest infestations and can help to mitigate the issue before it becomes a serious problem. Having trained entomologists on staff helps Impact understand the behaviors and patterns of a number of pests. You can’t truly address the problem if you don’t know why it’s happening, but by contacting the professionals at Impact Pest Elimination, you have all your bases covered. No matter what the weather, make sure your property is protected and prepared.