Top 5 Signs of Termites in Your Home

The humid and warm climate of Florida provides the perfect habitat for wood-eating termites. The sunshine state is home to several types of these insects, including two of the world’s most destructive species that began swarming together in 2015. Watch for these five signs of termites in and around your home to catch infestations early and prevent serious damage.

Grooves or Holes in Walls, Trim and Furniture

Small holes, grooves and tunnels are usually present on the surface of termite-damaged wood. Tapping the wood with a solid object like a hammer will produce a dull, hollow sound if the wood has been heavily damaged by termites. You may also hear rattling or rustling noises inside the wood if the infestation is active.

Mud Tunnels

Termites leave tunnels through the ground outdoors when traveling from their nest to your home. They also create tubes of mud along structures they can’t burrow through, such as brick or concrete. These tunnels and tubes are often visible on the exterior of your home at the beginning of an infestation.

Sagging Ceilings and Floors

Floors and ceilings that droop or sag are a sign of advanced termite damage. Wood that has been damaged to this extent often needs replacing. Sagging can be caused by other sources of damage, such as moisture or dry rot, but the presence of holes and grooves in addition to sagging is usually indicative of termite infestation.


Swarmers are adult male and female termites with wings and reproductive capability. They use their wings to fly from the nest and establish a new colony. The presence of termite swarmers in a home is a very good sign that an infestation is brewing. Because termite and ant swarmers are often confused, saving a specimen for your exterminator to examine is helpful.

Droppings and Wings

Termite swarmers discard their wings when they are ready to being the next phase of their life cycle. A sure sign of an active termite infestation is piles of wings on window sills, doorways and trapped in cobwebs. The sawdust-like droppings of termites are most commonly seen on floors, particularly in corners, as well as on window sills and wooden furniture.

Termites can completely destroy wood frame structures over time, so acting quickly is important if you suspect an infestation. If you see any of these signs of termites in your home, call Impact Pest Elimination right away to schedule an inspection. Impact uses safe, effective and targeted methods of pest control to eliminate termites without risk to your family or the environment.