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Top 5 Tips for Bug-Proofing Your Home

Insects play an important role in the ecosystem. They aerate soil, eat harmful insects, serve as a source of food for birds and other wildlife, pollinate flowers and make honey. However, when they invade our living spaces, they turn from friend to foe. Here are five tips for ways to bug-proof your home.

Eliminate Food Supply

Insects need food and water to survive. By eliminating sources of food, they will go elsewhere to nest and feed. Most importantly, if they can’t get in, they won’t nest in your space. Start by looking for cracks and holes in the building shell. Check for gaps around windows and doors, places where utilities enter the home and cracks in foundations and flooring. Repair any holes or cracks. Install and repair screens on doors and windows.

In the kitchen, keep food in well-sealed containers. Wipe countertops after food preparation, and cover pet food bowls. Make sure waste bins are covered. This also keeps larger pests like rodents and raccoons away.

Reduce clutter. Cockroaches seek out dark spaces and stacks of newspaper or magazines. Vacuuming regularly reduces dust mites, bed bugs and spiders. It also picks up insect eggs and microscopic sources of food.

Remove Woodpiles

Eliminating food and nesting places applies to the exterior as well. Stacks of wood are particularly attractive to ants and termites. Keep woodpiles at least 20 feet away from the building. Check periodically to make sure termites or other pests haven’t set up housekeeping in them.

Remove Sources of Water

Mosquitoes only need a few millimeters of water to lay eggs. Clear your yard of old tires, flower pots and other objects that can collect water. Empty birdbaths twice a week. Clean gutters regularly, and make sure downspouts are clear.

Ants, cockroaches and termites seek moist spaces. Look under sinks and in the bathroom for sources of water. Repair leaks around plumbing fixtures. Insects often nest behind tiles. Make sure tiles are properly grouted to keep moisture out.

Keep Your Garden Tended

There are several benefits to a well-tended yard. Regular mowing keeps thatch from building up and makes grassy areas less appealing to fleas, ticks and other insects. Keep bushes and trees trimmed. Branches that graze the building are an easy entryway for pests. Decayed wood is attractive to ants and termites. Besides adding to the street appeal of your home, a well-tended garden is also attractive to helpful insects that keep unwanted ones at bay.

Call a Pest Control Professional

Professional pest control technicians are trained to find places where insects and other pests enter your building and nest. If you have pests, Impact Pest Elimination will identify the specific pest and prescribe a treatment plan to eliminate it. Targeted pest control reduces harm to the environment while eradicating the unwanted visitor. Contact Impact Pest Elimination today for a free quote.