Carpenter ant on wooden table

Types of Ants in Florida and Why You Don’t Want Them in Your Home

You May Think They’re Harmless But Think Again

Ants are found almost everywhere in the world and there are thousands of different species that thrive in diverse environments. In Florida in particular, there are a few common types that, much to the chagrin of those structures’ human inhabitants, would like nothing better than to turn your home into their homes. This may not seem like a big deal, but ants can contaminate food, build colonies and nests inside structural wood as well as walls, and cause all sorts of damage to your property. Determining the type of ant you’re dealing with, understanding how to prevent an infestation, and knowing when it’s time to call for help can be key in saving yourself a lot of money and stress.

Types of Florida Ants

There are more than 50 species of ant that can commonly be found crawling all over the Sunshine State. However, there are three types that most frequently become a nuisance in the home.

Carpenter Ants

Much like their buzzing counterparts the carpenter bee, carpenter ants seek out areas where they can build nests by excavating softer materials like Styrofoam or rotting wood. Their nests can then compromise the structures and cause serious damage. Additionally, these little buggers bite and it can be incredibly painful!

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants are called that because of their light coloring and speed. They’re also smaller than most ants and have a serious sweet tooth. They’ll gravitate toward and attack any open foods that are sugary or sweet and, in fact, their teeth are sharp enough to break through food packaging.

Pharaoh Ants

These ants can be yellow or red in color and might be the most alarming to find in your home. Pharaoh ants are hearty and survive most conventional DIY pest treatments. They thrive on fatty, oily, and sweet foods. If you see these ants in your home, you need to call in the professionals straight away.

Florida is home to many more species of ants, none of which do you want to take on as roommates. If you find yourself with a few new ant friends, you might be wondering what exactly was so tempting about your abode.

Why They Love Your Home

Protecting your home from the outside will help deter them from the inside. Ants make their way into your home through cracks and crevices that you may not even have noticed are there. If you have gaps or spaces around windows or doors, you’ll want to reseal them. This goes for open areas around pipes and cables, too. Ants are small and can make their way in through even the tiniest of spaces.

Ants are also attracted to open food. Don’t you remember your grandmother telling you to clean up spills right away for fear of ants? It’s true. Leaving your dishes in the sink too long, not keeping a clean home, or simply not making use of airtight containers for food can all lead to ant infestations. Also, make a habit of taking your garbage out at least once a day and investing in a can with an airtight lid.

When to Call the Professionals

If you’ve spotted even a few Pharaoh ants crawling around your Florida home, you definitely need to pick up the phone and call a qualified pest control specialist. Some infestations simply can’t be managed by yourself. Impact Pest Elimination can help. We offer responsible and effective solutions that will tackle your ant problem head on. Contact us today to learn more.