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Understanding Yellow Jackets and How to Prevent Getting Stung

Yellow jackets kill approximately 50 to 100 Americans each year who experience allergic reactions to their stings. Their attractive yellow and black bodies resemble fashionable dinner jackets. Appearances are misleading because they do not belong to polite society. Yellow jackets are not rugged individualists. Instead, the purpose of a yellow jacket’s life is to serve its colony.

Yellow Jackets Love to Socialize with Their Fellow Yellow Jackets

In the United States, yellow jackets are more visible during hot summer weather and cooler fall temperatures. Yellow jackets represent several species. Their sociable characteristics make them perfect candidates for joining social networks. Unfortunately, they do not live long enough to develop any passions in life. The queen yellow jacket represents a sole exception. Living throughout the cold winter months, the queen creates a brand new colony of devoted yellow jackets every year.

Yellow Jackets Build Nests and Consume Sweet Treats

Yellow jackets enjoy building their nests on building overhangs and in trees. A yellow jacket’s nest is the creature’s most prized possession. A major cause of getting stung is due to disturbing the nest. Plus, they often build homes inside human dwellings. Yellow jackets love to eat anything containing sugar. They delight in consuming the nectar from flowers and other sweet liquids. Although their aggressive personalities cause alarm, they offer gardeners natural ways to control unwanted pests.

Never Disturb a Yellow Jacket’s Nest

Yellow jackets value their privacy and do not appreciate intruders. Resisting the urge to tamper with the nest offers an excellent way to avoid getting stung. When a yellow jacket is upset, it is not satisfied with one sting. Instead, the insect will sting with its venom several times causing pain and possible swelling to the unfortunate victim.

Prevent the chance of getting stung by following a few simple precautions:

  1. Do not approach the nest.
  2. Do not try to wave yellow jackets away with the hands. A gentle nudge suffices.
  3. Leave the area right away.
  4. Drink out of clear plastic glasses when eating a meal outdoors. A yellow jacket may hide inside a can of soda.
  5. Always cover food, especially fruits, cakes and other sweets.

What to do if a Yellow Jacket Attacks with One or More Stings

Get away from the nest. Run with the mindset of a marathon runner. Go to the emergency room if a yellow jacket stings several times. See a doctor if the yellow jacket attacks the throat or mouth. Seek immediate medical attention if the sting causes breathing difficulties, hives or a tight feeling in the chest. Contact Impact Pest Elimination to solve issues with yellow jackets. Contact Impact Pest Elimination professional exterminator will access the situation and provide a remedy.