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What is an Entomologist and Why Are They Important

When it comes to pest control, knowing the “enemy” is the most crucial part of the job. Having entomologists on staff means that your pest control company understands an infestation from the inside out. Impact Pest Elimination is proud to have two entomologists on staff, both of whom graduated from the University of Florida which boasts the number one entomology department in the world. Understanding how pests thrive and operate makes it easier to remedy any infestation issues that your property may be facing in the most effective and efficient manner. Not only can they determine how to resolve a problem, they understand how to do so in a manner that’s beneficial to the environment and your property.

What is an Entomologist

An entomologist is a scientist who focuses on the study of insects. These scientists are familiar with the classification, life cycle, distribution, physiology, behavior, ecology, and population tendencies of a variety of insects. Oftentimes, entomologists also study forest pests, urban pests, agricultural pests, and how to control them in various environments. These scientists can hold a variety of jobs including as researchers, teachers, consultants, and often work for universities, the government, or private companies. It’s estimated that there are only around 8,000 professional entomologists in the country, which includes those who educate on the science.

What Do Entomologists Do?

The entomologist’s role is to focus on the relationship between insects and humans, the environment, and other organisms. Their training allows them to improve lives through discovering the role that insects play in the spread of disease and how they can impact crops and more. The typical day for an entomologist can look different depending on the job that they’re performing. For example, if they’re working as a researcher, they may have a specific species that they’re focusing on and everything they do can center around that insect. Typically, entomologists work the hours of a standard business day though some doing research or working for private companies may work “after hours” from time to time.

Why an Entomologist is Important in Pest Control

Entomologists give citizens an insight into how bugs develop and thrive, which means these specialized scientists have a better understanding of how to control them – something that comes in quite handy when working for a pest control company! Pest control is more than just eradicating an immediate problem. Comprehensive pest control means that your specialist needs to understand why the pests gravitated toward and set up shop in your property in the first place. Knowing the hows and whys before attacking a problem is crucial to eliminating it. That’s exactly what entomologists help to do! Through studying the behaviors and patterns of many common pests, they help pest control specialists determine the best course of action for ridding your property of the problem.

Getting rid of pests doesn’t always mean terminating them. When it comes to things like bees, your pest control specialist may instead choose to rehome them in order to allow them to thrive. Working with a pest control company that has entomologists on staff, like Impact Pest Elimination, means that you’ll have access to professionals that know the best way to handle an issue for both your property and the environment. Knowing you’ve found the right team for your pest issue can be challenging, but selecting a company backed by experience and education is key to resolving your issue in the best manner. Contact Impact Pest Elimination today!