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When to call a professional to handle bees & wasps

Even though bees are crucial for the ecosystem around your home, having a nest or two on your property can be dangerous. Wasps are even more dangerous than that, yet they are also beneficial to the environment. Still, anyone who finds a nest of any kind of stinging insect should consult with a professional to determine what to do.

Bee on flowerIn some cases, nests of stinging insects can be relocated. In others, this is not possible. It is never a good idea either to decide if a nest can be moved or to try to move it yourself without the aid of a professional. These insects can exude a series of odors that are undetectable to human beings. These odors are called pheromones. Think of them as a secret code that transmits messages undetectable to us. One of these pheromones can cause an entire nest to attack what can be perceived as the nearest threat. If you try to do anything with a nest and fail, the denizens of that nest may cover you with the attack pheromone without you ever knowing. Even if you never go near that nest again, you might set off a trigger with another nest just by walking by. Pheromones can also affect children and pets.

A professional who is well-versed in dealing with stinging insects will know how to handle them. That person will be able to assess the feasibility of moving any discovered nests and also recommend which exterminating procedures would have to be used if relocation were not an option. Professionals also carry the requisite insurance coverage should there be any accidents or other mishaps. Doing things yourself might even lead to a loss of coverage. Why take the chance?

Insect specialists can also help you "bug proof" your home for the future. It does no good to get rid of pests if they can come back. To be good on the environment, it's probably a good idea to hire a company that uses green solutions to pest problems. It's only responsible to try to safeguard bee and wasp populations and, when they become uncontrollable, only use natural methods of eradication. We proudly serve a large portion of Florida residents, including Pasco County, so please contact us today for more information.

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