Brooksville, FL Pest Control

Where Pests Like to Enter Your Home

While for people living in homes, the doorways are the only entrances, pests are skilled at finding even the tiniest cracks in your house and using them to get inside. As secure as a house may seem, chances are there are more than enough entry points for pests to infiltrate and infest your home. However, there are ways to keep them at bay. The first step is knowing where to look to find the spots where pests can enter your home. Here are a few tips.

Rats and Mice

Despite their size, rodents can squeeze through any opening larger than their head, so it’s especially important to check around your house for small holes. Inspect the rubber gasket underneath your garage door and see if, when it closes, it is entirely level with the floor. While you’re outside, check out your dryer damper door and verify that it’s secure and that it freely opens and closes. Also, if you haven’t already, put a cap on your chimney. Not only are chimneys pathways for rodents, but birds too like to use them for their nests. Look for gaps around your plumbing, gas, exhaust vents and TV cables, and finally, if you have a crawl space, check this space for any holes or openings.


Insects enter buildings through torn screens and worn weather-stripping. Check for gaps around the trim of the siding of your house, specifically where it meets the foundation of your home. If your foundation is shifting, rotting away or was poorly built, pests will have no trouble finding a way inside. Wood piles, bushes and tree branches make infestations a high possibility if not managed correctly. Store your wood away from your house, do not stack it right up against the wall of your home. Also, make sure you trim back any bushes or tree branches so that they are not touching your house, as insects can use these as a bridge to get inside. Finally, make sure your gutters are clean so that ants do not build nests amidst the dirt and leaves they find there.

It may seem odd that Florida houses built to withstand storms can be infiltrated by tiny little ants and mice, but pests have a way of finding entrance points where people would not ordinarily even think to look. Fortunately, at Impact Pest Elimination we have the experience and the resources to take care of any pest problems you may have. For more information or to contact us for service call 1-800-344-9190.