Pest professional spraying a baseboard

Why Our Specialists Don’t Spray Baseboards

And Why You Shouldn’t Use a Company That Does

If you’ve never needed pest removal or elimination services before, determining the right company for the job can be challenging. You don’t know what to expect or possibly even the right questions to ask about a potential pest elimination company. What services do they offer for your specific needs? Would you know if something they sold you was best practice? At Impact Pest Elimination, we use the most modern and effective pest control practices in the industry. Something we don’t do is sell our clients baseboard pest treatment and here’s why.


The practice of baseboard spraying for pest control isn’t used by modern pest elimination experts. Baseboard bombing, as it’s also called, is a thing of the past. When it was commonplace, it was really to give customers the allure of effectiveness. It looked like pest control staff were “doing something” to help the problem, when in reality it was doing nothing to combat the infestation or prevent one. In outdated pest control practices, pest eliminators were known to use the “spray and pray” method which meant that they’d use lots of toxic products in abundance and hope for the best instead of trying to understand the pest and eliminate a specific problem. Why would you want someone to pump pesticides into your walls when there aren’t even any pests there? There is no valid research that proves it is sensible or that it even works. It is ineffective, wasteful, and no longer an industry practice.


There’s no reason to treat areas where pests either aren’t found or don’t enter the home. About 99% of pests in Florida enter the home from outside, which is why the majority of effective treatments are focused on the exterior perimeter instead of inside like with baseboard pest treatment. Larger amounts of material can be applied outside where they’re more effective and of less threat to any occupants of the home or their pets. Baseboard spraying for pests was really more to make customers think they were getting value out of their pest control services. But since very few pests actually run along the baseboards of your home, it resulted in wasted product, wasted effort, and wasted time. Today, reputable pest elimination companies implement an integrated pest management plan to specifically treat your pest problems based on what type of pest is there.


As stated, baseboard spraying for pest control is unfocused. It employs a “treat everything and hope” mentality which very often doesn’t work. Pests may be held at bay briefly but almost always come back just as bad or worse than before. By using a focused method of elimination, pest control companies can treat where specific pests enter your home and thrive. If interior services are necessary, the focus will be on what we call “hot spots” for the specific pests we’re treating for. Such areas are underneath and behind appliances, wall voids where pipes enter, under sinks and behind toilets, door thresholds, attic spaces, and cracks and crevices under cabinets. By being focused on treatment, there is a much better result.

The Right Solution

Not only is baseboard spraying ineffective, it is actually a label violation that could lead to issues for the technician applying the materials. At Impact, we will always perform our services in compliance with the state of Florida’s regulations, guidelines, and best practices. That’s why we provide an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution. We consider our clients as partners in the extermination effort. Our team employs IPM in three steps: a complete and thorough inspection of your property to locate entry points and dwellings; identification of the specific pests you’re dealing with; usage of the appropriate treatment to eliminate those specific threats and prevent future infestations. This solution also makes using non-chemical solutions like biological controls and structural repairs a priority. This laser-focused solution eliminates the need for excessive chemicals and wasted time.

Long gone are the days of baseboard jockeys and wasteful pest elimination practices. If you’re looking for a company that has your best interest in mind when it comes to pest control, contact Impact Pest Elimination today!