Exterminators outdoors in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer.

Why Training Matters in Pest Control

Impact Offers 26 Times More Training Than Other Companies

We all know that training is important. We want to hire professionals that know their stuff, no matter what the industry. But training in pest control is particularly crucial when it comes to ridding your home or property of those pesky pests. A variety of pests can do serious damage to both structures and a property at large. Learning the ins and outs of each species, as well as how to rid your property of them is key for any qualified pest control specialist.

Many companies only require about two hours of training per year for their employees. While we agree that learning on the job is important, continuing education is even more crucial to ensuring our technicians are the best in the business. That’s why we require our technicians to participate in a minimum of 52 hours of training annually. Many of our employees exceed this requirement and receive additional training throughout the year.

How Our Training Benefits You

The extensive training our technicians receive means that you get the best in pest control services. It may be true that pests remain the same, but the ways in which we get rid of them doesn’t have to. Our goal is to rid your property of a pest problem quickly and effectively. Because our technicians receive so much training, they’re always learning new and better ways to handle pest problems. Pests don’t just show up in your home or around your property. They also seek out places like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Our technicians are trained in assessing and eliminating pest problems in a variety of venues as each one is unique and requires its own action plan.

Through our extensive training, our technicians also learn how to choose and use products that are designed to only affect the pests and not humans, pets or the environment. This state-of-the art technology and training means that you don’t have to worry about what after effects our treatment plans may have. You and your family will be safe and pest-free after our certified technicians handle the job.

How Our Training Makes Happier Employees

We don’t just promote continuing education for our employees to benefit our customers. While the minimum 52 hours of training annually certainly does benefit our customers, it also benefits our employees. People are hungry for knowledge and continuing to learn and grow on the job is what makes for well-rounded and dedicated employees. We invest in our team for them and for you. When employees participate in continuing training and education, their job satisfaction and overall morale increases. Impact’s technicians want to be able to help you with any pest problem in the most efficient and effective manner and by receiving ongoing annual training they can.

Most industries are continuously evolving, and pest control is no different. New and emerging technologies allow us to better serve you and eliminate your pest problems in safer and more effective ways. By receiving a minimum of 52 hours of annual training, our technicians are prepared for any job that comes their way.

If you’re in need of pest control or think you might have a problem on your hands, give us a call!