Farmer in polyethylene tunnel spraying vegetables.

Why We Use Sentricon For Termite Treatments

Termites remain a major problem in the Tampa area. They have the capability to heavily damage or even destroy entire homes and businesses. That’s why Impact Pest Elimination uses the most effective termite treatments available. Sentricon products rapidly banish these stubborn pests while ensuring maximum safety.

Dependable Results

Our treatment system uses lethal baits to eradicate entire termite colonies. When the insects find Sentricon bait, they don’t just consume it and die. They also give it to other termites. Eventually, the colony’s queen expires after eating this substance. It becomes impossible for the bugs to reproduce.

University and government research efforts verify the effectiveness of these treatments. Researchers at 30 different colleges have released papers that highlight Sentricon’s ability to successfully defeat this pest. In addition to quickly stopping infestations, it can prevent them from developing in the future.

An insect expert at the University of Kentucky wrote about these popular termite treatments. He noted that numerous independent studies had demonstrated Sentricon’s efficacy. However, the entomologist also mentioned that it only works well when a termite control company takes the time to deploy and maintain bait stations correctly.

Highly Versatile

Pest control experts have used Sentricon to successfully eliminate termites in many different places. It performs favorably in public, commercial and residential applications. These treatments protect some of the nation’s most well-known structures, such as the White House and Independence Hall. They stop termites from infesting buildings that range from office towers to single-family homes.

A Safe Solution

Unlike competing treatments, Sentricon has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award. This means that it causes little harm to people, animals and the ecosystem. The EPA also determined that these baits are unlikely to pollute groundwater.

If you grow vegetables near your home, there’s no need to worry. Our termite treatments don’t contain systemic pesticides, and there’s very little risk of leaching. Cat and dog owners can also rest assured that Sentricon will not cause any harm. A canine won’t fall ill unless it devours the baits in hundreds of separate stations.

Trusted Product

Don’t take a risk by choosing a new treatment with unknown long-term effects. During the past two decades, pest control professionals have used Sentricon’s system on over 3 million properties. It remains the top choice for termite control because the treatments work both reliably and swiftly.

You can depend on Impact Pest Elimination to precisely position and manage Sentricon baits for optimal results. We strive to fully protect buildings without ever compromising safety. Our licensed technicians serve customers across Florida’s Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough counties. To benefit from our experience and sophisticated technology, please dial 800-344-9190 today.