Grey mouse and Mouse trap with cheese

Your Guide to Rodent Control

When it comes to rodent infestations, taking measures to prevent a home invasion is key.

There are some basic things you can do to deter rats and mice from entering your home. Keep garbage contained so rodents cannot easily access trash bins. Rodents will eat just about anything, so they’ll rummage through any garbage that is easy to get to, such as bags sitting outside and not in a bin. Seal all holes around the exterior of your home. Did you know that a mouse can squeeze its body into an opening the size of a dime? If they see any way to get into your warm home, they’ll do it to find a cozy nesting ground. Sanitation and exclusions are the backbone of a successful rodent control program.

Clear Signs of a Rodent Problem In Your Home

Droppings: Rodent droppings are small, brown and cylindrical and are commonly seen in places where food and water exist, such as garages, under the kitchen sink or in your pantry.

Gnaw Marks: If you see small teeth marks in places where you store food, or if you see packages of food that have been chewed up, you likely have a rodent problem. Rats will even chew into wood and PVC piping.

Tracks Present: You may even see rodent tracks along your walls and floors. They appear as smudges along the lower wall or even actual footprints on the floor.

Nesting: Rodents will take materials from your home to make their nests, so if you see a collection of leaves or shredded paper, cardboard or fabric, it is likely a rodent nest.

Alert Pet: Your family pet may be sniffing around or scratching or barking at a certain area of your home as a way to alert you to a rodent. Since rodents are nocturnal, your pet may be up at night tracking them while you sleep. Pets have a sharper sense of smell and will likely detect a rodent long before you do.

If you see these signs, do you how do you get rid of these pests? Call the professionals at us at Impact Pest Elimination Control. We will rid your home of these unwanted guests in no time.