For folks who enjoy life at the beach, Clearwater proves to be a dream location. Residents love being so close to the coast. Nice year-round weather makes this city even more rewarding. However, Clearwater’s warm climate tends to draw many trouble pests. Local homes and businesses must stay protected during every season.

Residential Pest Control

When enjoying time at home with your family, the last thing you want to worry about ius is a pest problem. Even if you don’t see them, pests are always somewhere hiding nearby. During the summer, Florida’s humid conditions create the perfect environment for mosquitoes. If you’re hoping to enjoy your summer filled with outdoor activities, it’s a good idea to have your property treated before peak mosquito season. These blood-sucking insects are definitely a threat to your family’s health. Because of Clearwater’s humid conditions, termites are just as problematic. Although subterranean termites nest below the ground in the moist soil, they are in constant search for food, such as your home. A termite infestation puts you at risk of experiencing thousands of dollars in property damage.

Rodents are also a big problem for folks living in Clearwater. Like mice, rats have a knack for invading unsealed dwellings. Even small cracks in your home’s foundation will allow rodents to come inside. Once rodents have established a nest, they quickly start to multiply in number. It doesn’t take long for rodents to create unsanitary living conditions for your family. Regardless of the season, cockroaches are always a threat. Not only do roaches contaminate food, but they also trigger asthma and asthma symptoms.

Commercial Pest Control

If you’re a Clearwater business owner, make pest control one of your greatest priorities. You never know when your building could come under attack. Many of Clearwater’s visitors are not familiar with the pest pressure in Florida and have zero tolerance for seeing bugs. Impact’s service specialists will inspect the building for pest entry points and advise you of the best plan of action to prevent running off customers. Office buildings, apartment complexes, supermarkets, and daycares all need to be concerned with pest control.

Services We Offer:

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