Located less than an hour away from Tampa, Dade City remains a great place to call home. Residents love the town’s laid-back nature and scenic architecture. Although Dade City is a charming town, pests can still cause issues for local homes and businesses. This is why it’s so important to enlist the help of an experienced pest control company like Impact Pest Elimination.

Residential Pest Control

As a homeowner in Dade City, it’s important for you to take the necessary steps to keep away pests. Known for exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms, roaches can certainly jeopardize your family’s health. Even worse, these insects are especially difficult to control. Once roaches gain access to your home, it’s only a matter of time before you’re facing a serious infestation. Rodents are just as problematic. It’s doesn’t take long for mice and rats to create extremely unsanitary living conditions. You also need to protect your home against termites. Every year, these wood-eating insects are responsible for causing millions of dollars in property damage. Meanwhile, mosquitoes have always been a nuisance to outdoor lovers. Over the years, these bloodsuckers have earned a reputation for spreading disease and sickness. Some of the other common pests found in Dade City include bees, ticks, spiders, and bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control

If you’re a Dade City business owner, investing in pest control will give you an extra peace mind. Pests are constantly on the search for new sources of food and shelter. An infestation may prove to be especially costly for local restaurants and hotels. Once customers catch wind of your pest problem, expect to lose a lot of business. Understandably, visitors tend to associate pests with a lack of cleanliness. Even a single roach may send customers running for the hills. Furthermore, health inspectors could slap you with a hefty fine. Getting the premises treated by a professional will help you to avoid the potential embarrassment.

Pest Service Available:

Impact Pest Elimination can help solve your pest problems. Our highly trained technicians specialize in providing targeted pest prevention and treatment solutions. We offer wildlife control as well. Contact us today for a free quote on service.