Located in Pinellas County, East Lake is ranked among the best communities for families. Residents appreciate the area’s suburban atmosphere and easy access to the beach. Stunning real estate surrounds the town. Of course, you also can’t forget about East Lake’s delightful weather. Even during the wintertime, temperatures tend to remain mild. While East Lake is clearly a great place to reside, locals need to put a priority on pest control. The area’s mild climate and close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico enable certain pests to stay active on a year-round basis.

Residential Pest Control

Although East Lake has plenty of nearby attractions, there’s simply nothing like the comfort of home. Whether lounging on the deck reading a book or watching a movie with the family, you deserve to relax without the presence of pests. Insects and other critters are always on the lookout for new habitats. This is why getting an annual pest inspection is of the utmost importance. East Lake’s moisture-rich environment is a big attraction for termites. Every year, these wood-devouring insects are responsible for causing millions of dollars in property damage. It doesn’t take long for a large termite colony to quietly destroy your home.

Cockroaches are also some of the Sunshine State’s most problematic pests. Not only do cockroaches create unsanitary living conditions, but they are also extremely difficult to control. Homeowners need to be just as concerned about the threat of rodents. If mice and rats are able to get inside your dwelling, be prepared to experience a real-life nightmare. Aside from giving your home an embarrassing odor, these ugly creatures can spread disease. Meanwhile, spiders are perhaps the most frightening pests in East Lake. Although the typical spider is nothing more than an unwanted guest, a few species have a venomous bite.

Commercial Pest Control

Without a good pest management plan in order, any business can experience financial loss. Pests can damage property, consume goods, and scare away customers. As you know, East Lake is home to several great restaurants. Although these eating spots may have some delicious food, even a small pest problem will be bad for business. Understandably, people hate seeing bugs. Furthermore, the last thing restaurant owners want is to receive a poor sanitation rating from a health inspector. Because many out-of-towners like to vacation in the East Lake area, hotels also need to stay prepared for pests. When sleeping in their bed at night, no guest wants to get bitten by insects. Supermarkets, office buildings, and retail stores are just a few of the other businesses that will benefit from professional pest control.

Types of Available Pest Services:

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