South Florida has one of the most humid climates in the entire country. If you live or work in Englewood, you know how hot and sticky it feels in this part of the Sunshine State. What makes it worse is having to deal with pest insects and rodents year-round. Whether you’re dealing with a pest infestation or wanting to prevent one, Impact Pest Elimination can make it happen.

Residential Pest Control

A pest infestation isn’t something to take lightly. It will only get worse over time as the pests breed and multiply. Cockroaches, rodents, termites and other pests cause different types of problems for homeowners. Some pests contaminate surfaces with diseases; others gnaw on walls, furniture and wires. Our technicians will inspect your home and identify the pests before applying any treatments. Some of our residential services include:

Our other services include protection against pesky pests such as mosquitoes, bed bugs and fleas.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses also have to deal with pest infestations on a daily basis. If termites attack the structure or roaches invade the kitchen, it could spell trouble for your business and cost you thousands of dollars in revenue loss. It’ll also cost more money to treat the pests if they have grown into a massive infestation. Our technicians treat pests in businesses throughout Englewood and keep roaches, rodents and other insects and critters out of hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Some of our services include:

Professional Pest Control in Englewood

Pests thrive in Englewood thanks to the consistent heat and humidity. Some pests don’t like direct sunlight and find ways to beat the heat by invading homes and businesses. If you see signs of a pest infestation, contact Impact Pest Elimination for a free quote. Our technicians will correctly identify the pests and treat them using environmentally safe solutions. We’ll also set up a recurring pest control program to keep pests out of your Englewood home or business.