Feather Sound is a beautiful shore town on the Gulf coast with a few thousand residents. Part of Pinellas County, it’s one of Tampa’s suburbs, and it’s near Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Given the town’s excellent schools and proximity to the beach, it’s easy to see why people would want to reside here.

Unfortunately, pests sometimes move into Feather Sound’s homes and businesses and they can cause serious problems. Insects and rodents could contaminate food possibly carry diseases. There are also termites that chew wood and thus cause structural damage over time.

The good news is that Impact Pest Elimination services Feather Sound and we provide outstanding residential and commercial pest control treatments.

Residential Services

If you see evidence of insects or rodents in your home — nests, fur, droppings, holes, or bites taken out of your food supplies — you might want to call Impact Pest Elimination as soon as possible.

We’ll identify the species of the pests, find out where those creatures are living in your home, and use the most effective tools and methods to get rid of them. In addition, we’ll locate the openings that those pests used to get inside and we’ll seal them.

Our team of experts can also figure out what attracted those pests to your house in the first place. Maybe crumbs on your porch or standing water in your driveway brought on those swarms. Eliminating pest magnets will discourage others from coming later on.

Commercial Services

No matter what kind of facility you run — an office complex, a gym, a store, a diner, or something else entirely — we can supply customized solutions. And we’ll act discreetly so as not to alarm your customers.

Our methods and techniques are fast-acting and thorough. What’s more, we can ascertain what caused the pest invasion. We can also give information and tips to your employees so that they won’t inadvertently open your doors to pests in the future.

Below are the types of services Impact offers:

In short, Impact Pest Elimination can solve your pest problems promptly, affordably, and comprehensively. Before you know it, your home or business will be free of pests and safe for all residents or customers. For a free service quote, please contact our team today.