Ample sunshine and warm temperatures year-round make Laurel an inviting place to live in South Florida. Businesses thrive along the Gulf Coast, and residents make their homes here for generations. Unfortunately, pest insects and rodents also thrive in this part of the state. If you’re dealing with pest control problems at home or in your business, Impact Pest Elimination provides environmentally safe solutions to remedy the problem.

Residential Pest Control

You could have the cleanest house in Laurel and still see pests in the bathroom and other living spaces. Pests don’t care whether your house is clean or not; they just need shelter from outdoor predators. Because your home has food and water, pests will stay longer and survive for generations. Roaches, mice and other pests get inside through cracks and crevices and remain hidden in out-of-the-way places like basements, crawlspaces and pantries. Our technicians specialize in residential pest control and provide numerous services to eliminate invasive pests such as:

Commercial Pest Control

Your business will suffer if you allow pests to take over the interior space. Whether you run a retail shop, a restaurant, a hotel or an office, an infestation will keep customers from revisiting your establishment. When customers post negative reviews online because of the pests, it could give your business a bad reputation and lead to fewer customers in the future. Termites, roaches and other pests all cause different problems for businesses in Laurel. Our technicians also specialize in commercial pest control and provide numerous services like they do for homeowners.

Professional Pest Control in Laurel

Pests will continue to spread throughout your home or business if you don’t take immediate action. When pests invade your living and working spaces, we can help. Contact Impact Pest Elimination to receive a free pest control quote. Our technicians use tried-and-true methods to eliminate pests from homes and businesses in Laurel. We’ll treat the infestation quickly and keep future pests out using preventative and eco-friendly solutions.