As part of the Tampa region on the Gulf Coast, the Lithia area is home to roughly 22,000 people and a far greater number of “little friends.” All of the water around this unincorporated thorp, such as in the Alafia River Corridor or Chito Branch Reserve, helps breed pests. Pest control in this area no joke. Fortunately, Impact Pest Elimination is up to the task.

Some pests are gross and annoying, such as silverfish and millipedes, but they aren’t dangerous to humans. Silverfish can, however, do damage to your property and should be controlled. Termites are a pest that could be dangerous because of their ability to eat through the wood of a home.

Wasps and bees are pests that could harm a person, if they were to sting. One should never try to handle wasps or bees’ nests by themselves. However, bees are important to the area’s ecosystem and should only be handled by a professional. There are also different kinds of wildlife like armadillos, possums, and other animals who can make their way onto your property or you’re your home. Fortunately, we’re trained and very capable of handling these types of pests for you as well.

Residential Pest Control

We will help you keep your home and property pest-free with a combination of control services. We’ll protect your home’s structure from carpenter ants, termites, and other “wood-destroying” species. We’ll also manage mosquito pressure on your property and teaching you how to keep them from coming back. You can also count on our team of professionals to help with wildlife control.

Commercial Pest Control

In Florida, pests are everywhere. The methods of ridding businesses of them are largely the same as those for residences. They’re just on a bigger scale. There is, however, the difference of having to make a property not only safe for residents, but also for the vast numbers of people who visit a business. We’ll help you diagnose your pest problem, and we’ll also apply the latest and greatest techniques for safe, effective, and timely pest eradication. We can handle bed bugs, ticks, and fleas, too, so you can count on our expertise.

Pest Control Services

We’re proud to be a one-stop shop for our customers. We do:

As you can see, we can be the solution to the pest problem you could be encountering. Check out our website or call today to set up an appointment. We would enjoy the opportunity to protect your home and property from the dangerous threat of pests.