Palm Harbor gives residents something to appreciate every day. Situated between Saint Joseph Sound and Lake Tarpon, those living here have ample places to sunbathe, to lounge by the water and to enjoy the sights and sounds of what the city has to offer. Because of Florida’s climate, pests also benefit from this area and create a nuisance for residents. Impact Pest Elimination strives to give everyone in Palm Harbor a pest-free home and yard for their families.

Rat Control

You may not see a single rat on your property, but their signs are always visible. Norway and roof rats make their homes here in Palm Harbor and cause problems in houses across the city. These rats leave behind droppings and chew through walls and personal items, creating a mess wherever they go. Rats spread diseases such as the hantavirus and rat-bite fever to humans through contact with their fur, droppings and infected lice. Our team will inspect your home and property for rats, cure any existing rat problem and take preventative steps to block reinfestations.

Ant Control

Many different ant species thrive in Florida, from the small sugar ant to the pain-inducing fire ant. Ghost ants swarm wherever open containers are left behind, and carpenter ants burrow into deck railings and wood siding, causing unsightly holes on your property. Ants live in colonies, so if you see one ant, it’s a sign that many more are close behind. Not all do-it-yourself ant control products eliminate every ant. In fact, certain species require specific pest control treatments. We can identify the ants and use the correct methods to eliminate them and to prevent them from infesting your yard and home.

Termite Control

Termites may look similar to ants, but they cause way more damage. These ant-sized pests use wood as a food source and expand their colonies farther into your home’s structure. As their colonies grow larger, your home’s structure weakens even more. Over time, termite colonies can cost you thousands in repairs and compromise your home. Some species attack from below the ground while others fly and invade from above. Our experienced team knows how to identify termites and to treat each species with the proper methods.

Palm Harbor Pest Control

Contact Impact Pest Elimination for a thorough evaluation of your property. You don’t have to deal with rats, ants or termites on your own. Because there’s no all-in-one pest solution, it’s best to have a professional inspect the area, use proper treatment methods and set up preventative barriers to keep out unwanted pests for the future.