Florida's warm, moist climate benefits a variety of insects. Unfortunately, it enables cockroaches to thrive in many areas. About seven major species inhabit the Sunshine State. They range from relatively small German roaches to palmetto bugs that sometimes grow 2 inches long. These insects help decompose dead wildlife and foliage outdoors, but they create serious problems in homes.


Mulch, palm trees and leaves may help draw cockroaches to the area around your house. Some species prefer to invade attics or garages; others will infest any part of a building. Stagnant water, leaky pipes, condensation and pet bowls may attract them. This pest also proliferates in places where it has access to garbage.

Signs of Infestation

Your home may contain cockroaches when you notice an unpleasant musty or oily smell. The same holds true if you find hidden oblong eggs and small droppings. Feces may have a cylindrical or rounded shape. Keep in mind that a pheromone in cockroach excrement might draw other roaches to your home.

Interesting Facts

  1. Numerous Floridians believe that cockroaches dislike light, but the truth is more complicated. Every roach species reacts differently to lights. Some behave like moths while others act the same way as bedbugs. Many cockroaches try to hide from any light, and the vast majority avoid flashlight beams. Nonetheless, certain species run or fly toward illuminated areas.
  2. People have succeeded in training roaches to perform certain tasks. If someone rewards them with sugar water, the insects will behave in ways that go against their instincts. A 2007 study revealed interesting details about cockroach training. For example, these bugs learn much better at night than they do in the morning.
  3. One common species in Florida is the Asian cockroach. It normally lives outdoors, but electric lights can attract this pest to your home. Asian roaches don't live very long in most buildings. This relatively small insect can travel quickly because it has wings. People sometimes confuse it with the wingless German roach.
  4. Indoor cockroaches have the potential to trigger allergic reactions and transmit diseases. Some people suffer asthma attacks or develop rashes when they live in roach-infested homes. These pests also have the ability to destroy or consume various belongings. Such items include clothing, paper records and boxed or bagged food.
  5. Florida woods cockroaches have black or brown-red bodies. They measure about 1.4 inches long. This wingless bug crawls relatively slowly and often lives more than 12 months. It will only survive in a building if the structure contains a dark, moist area. The insect may enter your home when you move plants indoors and they harbor roaches or eggs.

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