A single cockroach can produce 120 to 320 eggs in their lifetime. Once they are born, they begin looking for food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, your home is an easy source of all of these basic necessities. Before long, you can end up with a major infestation on your hands.

Cockroaches Getting into Your Home

As a nocturnal creature, cockroaches generally come out at night. This means that you can develop a major infestation before you realize there are any cockroaches present. Cockroaches can be even harder to spot because they are exceptionally good at hiding.

These wily insects can be found almost anywhere in the world. Often, species like the German cockroach will hitchhike on furniture, boxes or other items to move from place to place. Even if your home does not have cockroaches now, a single box could allow this insect to invade. Other species invade homes from sewers, drains or the yard.

Inside of your home, the cockroaches can use electrical lines and water pipes to crawl from one room to another one. If you live in an apartment building, they can use these utility lines to go from unit to unit. You will generally find cockroaches in cardboard boxes and wood cabinets because they prefer wood to metal and other surfaces.

Once cockroaches find a comfortable place to stay, their excrement will actually attract other cockroaches. A cockroach’s fecal material contains pheromones that tell other cockroaches they have found a safe, comfortable location to stay at. Before long, this location becomes an aggregation point for large numbers of cockroaches.

Estimated to be about 10 million years old, this species likes to live in warm, dark areas. Because they will die if they go a week without water, they also generally prefer wet areas like basements and sewers. Since they prefer warmth, summer tends to be the worst season for cockroaches. If you notice a flat insect that is one or two inches long, you may have a cockroach problem. While only some cockroach species have distinguishing patterns and markings, most cockroaches you find will be light tan to dark reddish-brown in color.

How Cockroaches Can Hurt Your Home or Business

Cockroaches can carry diseases like polio and dysentery. Since they will eat things ranging from skin cells to fecal matter, they end up carrying a variety of bacteria and viruses. They can also worsen conditions like allergies and asthma.

Other than harming your physical health, they can also hurt your business. If you run a restaurant or grocery story, the health department can shut down your company for sanitation concerns. In addition, you will most likely lose customers if you have an infestation.

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