Pests are the enemies of a clean, comfortable home or business. At Impact Pest Elimination, we’ll help you regain control of your property with targeted pest prevention and treatment solutions. Our specialized services included pest control strategies aimed at the following types of infestations:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can make their way into your home through numerous different ways. With experienced pest control and proper management, we can limit the amount of bed bugs that affect your life.

Ticks & Fleas

Fleas may enter your home by hopping onto clothing or from the back of someone else’s pet, then live in your carpet, upholstery or curtains. They are easy to spot and can be contained with a pest control professional.

Ticks can enter the home via clothing or pet hair, and require specific attention. Luckily, our team has vast experiences managing these creatures with care, so as to limit damage in your home.

Wildlife Control

From squirrels to raccoons, wild animals can wreak havoc in your home. Whether they enter through a chimney, structural gap or other entrance, the danger and damage they can pose to you is high. Leave the hard to our professional wildlife control professionals!

In addition to this, bats are smaller than they look and usually enter through gaps or holes in your home’s exterior. For the protection of the wildlife and your individuals, trust the care to the professionals.

Stinging Insects

Bee colonies can build hives quickly inside your walls, so getting rid of them immediately is key. Don’t fret over the proper and most effective care – our pest control professionals can handle all necessary treatments!

Screens and repellents rarely stop the persistent mosquito from entering homes or lawns. Taking the right measures by calling our insect control professionals today!

Mosquito Reduction Program

Take back your yard from unwanted guests. Impact is committed to providing protection for your home and property from mosquitoes. Our mosquito reduction program will effectively allow you to enjoy being outside again by reducing mosquitos on contact and providing a repellent for up to 30 days. Call 1-800-344-9190 today for a FREE evaluation.

Whatever your concern, count on Impact Pest Elimination in Tarpon Springs FL for all your pest control needs.

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